The Indian Hill Recreational Soccer program is a community based, volunteer run SAY soccer program open to children who live in the Indian Hill School District.

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Indian Hill Soccer Academy

Spring 2020 Information




Thank you to all that came out over the weekend to tryout for IHSA - we had record numbers in several age groups which make the decisions difficult.  As of Tuesday at 5pm we are still waiting on results from our evaluators in a couple of the age groups.  Within the next 24 hours invites will start to be distributed.  We do have alternates in each age group and those will be invited if an initial offer is not accepted.  It is our goal to fill teams by 10 pm Thursday.   If you have multiple children that have tried out, invites for different age groups will come at different times.  Please let us know if you have any questions. 




Indian Hill Soccer Academy (IHSA) is finishing its second season.  We have had tremendous growth, support and lots of success.  We are continually engaging the community with feedback at all levels and working on adjustments to the program so that combined with Indian Hill Rec our youth soccer players have lots of options available to them.  


Please see the information below regarding Open House, Tryouts and general information.  Feel free to let us know if you have questions.  




Curious about IHSA.  On Sunday October 20 we would like to invite you to experience the Coerver training and play with the teams.  All 2010 , 2011, and 2012 Boys and Girls interested in the IHSA program are welcome to join the current team on the field.  We will have Coerver Trainers there to run through some typical drills and the kids will have the opportunity to do some small sided games.  This date is optional and kids will not be evaluated during this clinic.  This is designed as an opportunity to see what the program is about. Let your child have the opportunity to play with the team prior to tryouts, get the nerves out and see if it is a program that they are interested in.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch and we will have IHSA Reps present to answer parent questions.  

1pm - 2pm: 2010 / 2011 / 2012 boys

2pm - 3pm: 2010 / 2011 / 2012 girls



Tryouts will be held the weekend of Nov 2/3.  If you are interested in trying out for one of the Indian Hill Soccer Academy Teams for the Spring 2020 season please register online NOW!!!


Tryout Schedule:

Saturday November 2 AND Sunday November 3

12:00-1:00 Boys 2012 (wear red shirt) and Boys 2007 (wear white shirt) and Boys 2006 (wear black shirt)

1:00-2:00 Boys 2010 (wear red shirt) and Boys 2011 (wear white shirt)

2:00-3:00 Boys 2009 (wear red shirt) and Boys 2008 (wear white shirt)

3:00-3:45 Girls 2012

3:45-4:30 Girls 2011

4:30-5:15 Girls 2010



Turf soccer field on Shawnee (next to elementary school)



  • Must live in the Indian Hill School district or attend a school within the District (Same requirement as Rec) 
  • Over time, the Academy Program will be for Boys and Girls U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14 
  • Teams will be formed by birth year, not school grade
  • Depending on demand from players and families in each age group, may consolidate age groups in certain seasons – In the Pilot program in Fall 2019, we fielded 9 teams


  • Ultimate decision on the formation of teams in each age group and each sex will be evaluated based on demand and skill level


Evaluation Criteria:

·         Ball skills

·         Quickness/athleticism

·         Assertiveness

·         Field sense

·         Coach-ability

·         Teamwork


Tryout times TBD



The goal of Indian Hill Soccer academy has been to create a balanced athletic development experience, with support for kids and families in our community who have competing priorities with other sports, kids, jobs, hobbies, etc.   

Focus areas of IHSA

  • Advanced coaching focused on player development
  • Higher level of competition in the Greater Cincinnati Soccer League,
  • Experience a Tournament: Spring Tourney 2020 - The Epic Cup  Girls May 1-3, 2020 & Boys May 8-10, 2020
  • Local (Indian Hill area) practices and nearby (Cincinnati area) league games and tournament.   
  • Seasonal teams with optional winter training
  • Effective alternative to club programs


What the season looks like for Spring 2020: 

  • U13-U8 Two training sessions each week, led by professional coaches. 
    • Coerver Trainers.  Coerver Mission Statement is “To develop Skilled, Confident, Creative, players who combine well with team mates and have the skills to go it alone
    • Challenger Coaches: Our goal is to develop and improve each individual player’s technical ability, their understanding of the game, and their effectiveness in a game situation.

    • AGILITY Training: U11-U13 One additional session each week led by parent coaches focused on tactile development and field positioning fun scrimmages on Fridays.
  • U15 Boys Team Pilot Extension Program: Practices and Games run by Challenger Coach Spring Season Mid March 2020-May2020 2/3 practices a week


Academy Volunteers Needed (Volunteers will be chosen by the Academy Committee following tryouts)

  •   Volunteer Coaches:  1 or 2 Parent Volunteers 

        Attend Coerver/Challenger Trainings

        U13,U12, U11 Coach 1 practice a week focusing on field positioning 

        Coach Games

  • Parent Administrators

        Communication Liaison between Team and Academy

        Attend League Scheduling Meeting (Date to be determined February 2020

        Register for Cincy Epic Cup (Deadline April 1, 2020)


IHSA Spring 2020 Playing Time Policy:


IHSA playing time will be managed according to the IHSA’s Playing Time Policy (the “Policy”).  IHSA’s Playing Time Policy is that each player, regardless of ability, will play for half of the game.  Goalie time counts as ½ field time.  Exceptions may be made, at the coaches’ discretion, only in instances of (a) tournament games, where a coach may “play to win” if necessary towards the end of a game; and (b) a player with attendance, attitude or effort problems.  Exceptions, or the expectation of exceptions, must be communicated to players/parents in advance of the occasion.






  • I recognize that soccer is a team sport and that a team’s success begins with fully embracing this important concept. 
  • I will be committed to these principles of discipline, fairness, respect and self-control.
  • Work hard to improve as an individual and team
  • Be a team player and get along with my team: acknowledge teammates striving to be their best as I seek to be my best, support and encourage teammates and do what is best for the team
  • Learn the rules and play by them
  • Always be a good sport – maintain dignity in all circumstances (i.e. no taunting, no trash talking/foul language, no bullying, learn from losses)
  • Do not challenge a referee’s call either verbally or with body language
  • I will respect my coaches by acting in the following ways:
  • Pay attention to coaches’ instructions
  • Seek and welcome feedback
  • Be attentive (not disruptive) at practices
  • Arrive at practices and games in accordance to coaches’ expectation
  • Assist coaches with equipment
  • In regards to social media, I will refrain from posting derogatory remarks regarding any teams, coaches, players, parents or officials. 




  • I will support my child in following the code of conduct outlined above and will set a good example of sportsmanship throughout all aspects the season.
  • I will treat coaches, fellow parents, opponents and officials with the respect that is due to them as fellow human beings. 
  • I will respect the time committed by the other players, parents and coaches by having my child at practices and games on time and ready to play.
  • I will wait 24 hours after games before approaching coaches or trainers with feedback and/or concerns.
  • I will be patient and constructive in my feedback of the program as it develops.